Refreshing essentials to an abundant life are, somehow, found in the journey!

My journey to becoming a do it yourselfer!

I am on a journey. I’m not sure where the road will lead me. I want to “live off the land” in a sense. I don’t know how far I will get with it, but I have begun my stint into the territory of self sufficiency. Partly, in an attempt to save money and partly, to fulfill a long held dream. I started looking at everything I was consuming and thought to myself, is there a simple way I can do this myself? It started when I learned I had an underactive thyroid and the doctor that tested me told me I would have to take Nature Throid for the rest of my life. That was not the answer I wanted to hear, I wasn’t sold, even though it is a natural product. My next step was to dive headlong into an internet search on my symptoms and natural thyroid healing, which got me on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet and into fermentation and gut healing. I have attempted gardening, but I think that’s one I might need to try again next year. I was a little over zealous and got in a little over my head.

I’m hoping my path will take me into owning a house and a substantial amount of land in the country where I can have horses and cows and goats and chickens and a garden and a peaceful life, living off the land and off the grid. Here’s to the journey!