I published my first Kindle book!

I’ve not ever done anything like this and it has been very mentally rewarding so far! I am so not good at this yet, but merely going through the process has had great benefits. I am at least on my way to passive income just by taking a few small steps. The book is in it’s first month and I still have a lot to do to improve it, but it’s a starter and if it helps one person it will be worth it! Right now it is on a FREE promotion in the Amazon Kindle store and it is free until June 25. The book has sold a little over 230 $.99 copies and today is the first day of the free promotion and there have been over 650 downloads so far. I will post updates on how it progresses after the free promotion when the price goes up to $2.99.

Download your free copy here:

The Essential Oils Thyroid Solution: Chronic Fatigue? Weight Gain? Brain Fog? Get Relief with Essential Oils to Help Heal Your Thyroid

Below is a blurb from the description:

This book is a primer, for beginners, on the link between aromatherapy and thyroid healing. This book is for you if you are searching for a natural solution to your ailments and annoying symptoms. If you have been prescribed a thyroid medicine in order to make up for the imbalances in your hormones, yet you are still dealing with unwanted ailments or symptoms, then, as you read this book you will receive valuable information for your journey to feeling like yourself again and to possibly weaning yourself off of your thyroid medicine. The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the body and about 20 million people have a thyroid issue, but only 60% of them are even aware of it!

According to research studies, a majority of people in the world are bound to suffer thyroid issues at some point in time or another in their life, due to things like diet, hereditary conditions or toxic chemical or heavy metal exposure. And women make up the majority of thyroid sufferers.

If you feel bound by your symptoms that prevent you from reaching your full potential, then download this book today to put an end to your thyroid woes!

See What You Will Learn And How To Cope And Heal Your Symptoms With Alternative Medicine…


  • What is the Thyroid?
  • The Reasons for Your Annoying Symptoms
  • How Understanding Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism Can Help You
  • Aromatherapy: History and Use
  • 27 Essential Oils to Help Heal Your Thyroid: and how they can help
  • Aromatherapy Methods: Topical, Oral, Inhalation and Reflexology
  • Essential Oils Safety
  • Diet, Exercise and Homeopathy To Relieve Your Thyroid Symptoms
  • How to Manage Stress
  • How to Get More Sleep
  • How Heal the GI Tract and Detox the Liver
  • How To Put it All Together and Next Steps to Take
  • And So Much More!