Ayurvedic goodies!

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The Prime!

This is the gut and brain healing program I am doing right now. So far it has done an world of wonders and I’m not even half way through!


Viva Naturals Organic Ghee from 100% grass-fed cows!
29 oz. jar.

It is so delicious! It has a smooth, but slightly gritty texture, which is how it is recommended in authentic Indian preparation. Some of the browned milk solids were in the bottom of my jar, which makes it even more authentic because it is recommended that you let the milk solids carmelize a little bit in order to add a rich, butterscotch flavor, which is exactly what this ghee tastes like.

To be continued…

My Top Ten Most Life Changing Books

Full disclosure: I may receive a small commission for the links contained in this post.

These are the books which have helped me make it through life thus far and I am eternally grateful to have read them, especially number one.

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10. 11. 12.

Coming soon…or eventually…explanations of why and how these books changed my life at the time I read them!

Everything you will need to make delicious Kombucha – products I use and love + simple Kombucha recipe!

Full Disclosure: I may receive a small commission from the links contained in this post.

Newman’s Own Organics Royal Tea, Organic Black Tea!
500 black tea bags for less than $30!

This is such a great deal! I use this tea to make my own kombucha. I am saving so much money now that I am making my own kombucha, but I am saving even more now that I found this amazingly cost effective product.

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Sugar!
10 Pound

This sugar makes my kombucha taste soooo good and it lasts soooo long!

Kombucha Kamp Genuine KOMBUCHA CULTURE!
1 Lrg SCOBY + 1 Cup Strong STARTER LIQUID – Makes 1 Gallon

And, of course, you can’t forget your SCOBY! Kombucha Kamp provided me with a large, thick SCOBY, which has lasted me several months and counting.

These products will provide you with everything you need to make delicious kombucha for months on end! They are absolutely worth the investment.

How to make kombucha – condensed from Kombucha Kamp directions, which come with the SCOBY they send you:

1. Boil 4 cups water
2. Steep 4 to 6 tea bags for 7 to 15 minutes in a ceramic vessel (like a large tea or coffee cup) or a container that is able to withstand heat. Do not put how water into a glass jar, it will crack and break eventually like mine did after about 4 batches.
3. Discard tea bags or add to compost pile and dissolve 3/4 cup to 1 cup of sugar in the tea.
4. Fill a gallon glass or ceramic container with around 8 cups room temperature filtered water and pour in sweet tea. Make sure temperature is room temperature before adding SCOBY.
5. Add SCOBY and starter liquid to container and leave two inches at top of jar.
6. Cover with clean cheesecloth or dish towel and make sure to secure with a rubberband so that insects are not able to enter.
7. Let sit in a dark cabinet for 7 to 21 days.
8. Bottle and let sit another week or two. It is optional to add fruit or fruit juice at this point to increase the deliciousness and fizziness. I like it plain or with fresh, raw ginger.
9. Drink with enthusiasm and joy!

Kombucha recipes from Kombucha Kamp are found here.

Thank you for reading!