New book: Fermentation and Thyroid Health. Plus, Update on Kindle Publishing journey.

It’s been a year since I published my first Kindle book The Essential Oils Thyroid Solution and since then it has done $50 to $100 in sales each month! I am quite happy with this as I have not worked on it at all since last summer and it has stayed in the top 100,000 in the Kindle store. It is now available in paperback and will be available on Audible in the next few days. The book now includes over 30 recipes and ways to use the essential oils mentioned in the book and I believe can help a lot of people in balancing their thyroid hormones. It has afforded me the income to be able to invest more in my Kindle publishing business and I have now published the second book in the Thyroid Health Series. This one outlines the benefits of fermented foods and how they can help in healing the thyroid. It is available on Kindle, in paperback and will be available on Audible within the next month. This book contains over 20 delicious fermented foods recipes.

Fermented foods are life changing and it’s amazing how easy they are to make. The process of fermentation makes vegetables and other foods safer to eat and easier to digest. Humans have been using the process of fermentation for thousands of years for preservation. Refrigerators only started being used for preservation in the homes of the general public a little over one hundred years ago. One can only wonder if this technology has harmed our health and made us weaker, rather than safe from disease, when we look at the general health of our population. It’s time to get back to our roots as human beings! Get Your Copy of Fermentation and Thyroid Health today for ONLY 99 cents!

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