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One unpredictable #island. Two people who would never associate with one another in the real world….stuck, with a wrecked yacht, no way to get home, no way to call for help and a #mysterious cave and #monster.
One moment Joanna is in a familiar #church that she frequents for respite from the world the next moment she finds herself on a deserted island…or at least that’s how it seems at first. It was bad enough meeting Atticus there, but he is the least of her worries as the #story unfolds.
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Joanna Vivian Meyrick and Atticus Weston Haynes III grew up in two, completely different worlds, maybe even different planets. This is their #story. Joanna does everything off the cuff, her life is a bit of a mess…at-all-times. She is #spontaneous and gets herself into seemingly impossible situations. Joanna has had a rough life, but most of her mishaps are brought on by her clumsiness or absentminded nature. She takes everyone at face value and does not think anyone could betray her…until they do. And it always devastates her. Maybe she has no control of what happens to her and it has all happened to bring her to one defining moment in her life. Atticus is a #methodical person, he likes everything in it’s right place, but has been through tragedy in his life. He is rich, but he views money as nothing compared to what he has lost in his life. What brings Joanna and Atticus together is something out of the ordinary, something #otherworldly, something that only happens in #dreams….or #nightmares.
This short story is a #prequel to the upcoming #novelette, by Johnathan Roth, called The Place Between. It is a sneak peek at what lead up to the couple’s meeting and their encounter with an unforeseen beast and a life altering chain of events.Before the Beast J and A 5 smaller

Back to The Theology of the Body

Before I married my ex-husband we attended a group that studied the Theology of the Body. This is a teaching from Saint Pope John Paul II, which is a series of talks he gave, starting in 1979 and ending in 1984, to a general audience in St. Peter’s Square. One of the most well know dissections of this teaching comes from Christopher West, who has written multiple books on it, given many talks and developed it into a study program. The group we were apart of used this study program. We went through two of the courses Ruah Woods in Cincinnati; Introduction to Theology of the Body, 8 sessions, and Into the Heart, 16 sessions. Now that most of the bitterness connected to the relationship has passed away and I think back, I realize that this was one of my favorite times in our relationship. I had already been very interested in and intrigued by some of Christopher West’s talks on the subject, he has given the best explanation of the marriage relationship, the beauty of the sexual union in marriage and the relationship of males and females I have ever heard. It’s all based on the talks that the pope gave about it. And the beauty of life comes alive in it. I learned so much in these courses and we had really great talks on our drives home even though our relationship was a mess and we refused to confront this fact. It was a huge disappointment that I/we did not get to experience love in the way that God truly intended. Nonetheless, lessons were learned directly in the disappointment. One lesson I learned is that I put the idea of marriage and being married above God, I put it in the first place in my life, practically my entire adult life.

One of the truths I learn from Theology of the Body is that God did not intend the union of marriage to be the end all be all of human life. He intended it to be a great good, a Sacrament, that imparts grace and points us to God and leads ultimately to union with Him on Earth and in Heaven. It is a union between two persons that is free, total, faithful and fruitful. The course goes into the Catholic Church’s definition of these words and how they play out in marriage. And if any of these pieces are missing it is not considered a valid marriage. I struggled deeply when we were separated, and was so ashamed because I thought we were breaking this union. We put those words on our wedding invitation and had Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (All for the Glory of God) written on our wedding cake for crying out loud! I saw our separation as such a contradiction, I thought we were such hypocrites and so haughty, acting like we had the ultimate relationship and it was an EPIC FAIL. Thankfully I came to the realization that there were some of those pieces missing and that was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, especially when it was confirmed in an annulment granted by the Church. Anyway, done with rant, this is not what I wanted to write about.

I wanted to write about how I think the teachings of Theology of the Body will help people to come alive in this culture and live lives of fulfillment and help to answer questions of the meaning of life. I want to study it more deeply. But, what I am thankful for is that I have come to a point where I don’t need to think about it in the context of an upcoming marriage, but can think of it as a celibate person looking to know my ultimate identity in God. The Theology of the Body is for every human person and is rooted in the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Our bodies were made and meant to glorify God. They were also made for union with Him, body and spirit, which are inseparable. We all come from a union of two people and whether they loved each other or not did not take away from us being unique individuals conceived by God. We were all conceptions in God’s mind before we were ever conceived and formed in the wombs of our mothers. This realization is something that would give me great comfort when I was younger. When I was in college, I would read Psalm 139 over and over and contemplate it for hours and it would always bring me to tears, it made me feel so close to God. This was the part that always hit me the most.

“For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you
    when I was made in the secret place,
    when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
    all the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.”


The marriage union is a reflection of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is beautiful when it is a valid marriage uniting two people who truly love each other. When I contemplate on the fact that I am the embodiment of my parent’s love I feel like I mean something, like I am worthy and like I was created for a purpose. When you have two parents who love each other it makes it so much easier to see your worth. Seeing your parents love is the greatest gift anyone can receive.

These days my mind is so distracted that it is hard for me to even sit down and write this post. My goal is to get back to simplicity and closeness to and greater knowledge of God. This is my attempt to bring the Theology of the Body back into my life and to bring it to life in my life. I want to write about this everyday for a month at least!

New book: Fermentation and Thyroid Health. Plus, Update on Kindle Publishing journey.

It’s been a year since I published my first Kindle book The Essential Oils Thyroid Solution and since then it has done $50 to $100 in sales each month! I am quite happy with this as I have not worked on it at all since last summer and it has stayed in the top 100,000 in the Kindle store. It is now available in paperback and will be available on Audible in the next few days. The book now includes over 30 recipes and ways to use the essential oils mentioned in the book and I believe can help a lot of people in balancing their thyroid hormones. It has afforded me the income to be able to invest more in my Kindle publishing business and I have now published the second book in the Thyroid Health Series. This one outlines the benefits of fermented foods and how they can help in healing the thyroid. It is available on Kindle, in paperback and will be available on Audible within the next month. This book contains over 20 delicious fermented foods recipes.

Fermented foods are life changing and it’s amazing how easy they are to make. The process of fermentation makes vegetables and other foods safer to eat and easier to digest. Humans have been using the process of fermentation for thousands of years for preservation. Refrigerators only started being used for preservation in the homes of the general public a little over one hundred years ago. One can only wonder if this technology has harmed our health and made us weaker, rather than safe from disease, when we look at the general health of our population. It’s time to get back to our roots as human beings! Get Your Copy of Fermentation and Thyroid Health today for ONLY 99 cents!

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Ayurvedic goodies!

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The Prime!

This is the gut and brain healing program I am doing right now. So far it has done an world of wonders and I’m not even half way through!


Viva Naturals Organic Ghee from 100% grass-fed cows!
29 oz. jar.

It is so delicious! It has a smooth, but slightly gritty texture, which is how it is recommended in authentic Indian preparation. Some of the browned milk solids were in the bottom of my jar, which makes it even more authentic because it is recommended that you let the milk solids carmelize a little bit in order to add a rich, butterscotch flavor, which is exactly what this ghee tastes like.

To be continued…

My Top Ten Most Life Changing Books

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These are the books which have helped me make it through life thus far and I am eternally grateful to have read them, especially number one.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12.

Coming soon…or eventually…explanations of why and how these books changed my life at the time I read them!

Everything you will need to make delicious Kombucha – products I use and love + simple Kombucha recipe!

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Newman’s Own Organics Royal Tea, Organic Black Tea!
500 black tea bags for less than $30!

This is such a great deal! I use this tea to make my own kombucha. I am saving so much money now that I am making my own kombucha, but I am saving even more now that I found this amazingly cost effective product.

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Sugar!
10 Pound

This sugar makes my kombucha taste soooo good and it lasts soooo long!

Kombucha Kamp Genuine KOMBUCHA CULTURE!
1 Lrg SCOBY + 1 Cup Strong STARTER LIQUID – Makes 1 Gallon

And, of course, you can’t forget your SCOBY! Kombucha Kamp provided me with a large, thick SCOBY, which has lasted me several months and counting.

These products will provide you with everything you need to make delicious kombucha for months on end! They are absolutely worth the investment.

How to make kombucha – condensed from Kombucha Kamp directions, which come with the SCOBY they send you:

1. Boil 4 cups water
2. Steep 4 to 6 tea bags for 7 to 15 minutes in a ceramic vessel (like a large tea or coffee cup) or a container that is able to withstand heat. Do not put how water into a glass jar, it will crack and break eventually like mine did after about 4 batches.
3. Discard tea bags or add to compost pile and dissolve 3/4 cup to 1 cup of sugar in the tea.
4. Fill a gallon glass or ceramic container with around 8 cups room temperature filtered water and pour in sweet tea. Make sure temperature is room temperature before adding SCOBY.
5. Add SCOBY and starter liquid to container and leave two inches at top of jar.
6. Cover with clean cheesecloth or dish towel and make sure to secure with a rubberband so that insects are not able to enter.
7. Let sit in a dark cabinet for 7 to 21 days.
8. Bottle and let sit another week or two. It is optional to add fruit or fruit juice at this point to increase the deliciousness and fizziness. I like it plain or with fresh, raw ginger.
9. Drink with enthusiasm and joy!

Kombucha recipes from Kombucha Kamp are found here.

Thank you for reading!

I published my first Kindle book!

I’ve not ever done anything like this and it has been very mentally rewarding so far! I am so not good at this yet, but merely going through the process has had great benefits. I am at least on my way to passive income just by taking a few small steps. The book is in it’s first month and I still have a lot to do to improve it, but it’s a starter and if it helps one person it will be worth it! Right now it is on a FREE promotion in the Amazon Kindle store and it is free until June 25. The book has sold a little over 230 $.99 copies and today is the first day of the free promotion and there have been over 650 downloads so far. I will post updates on how it progresses after the free promotion when the price goes up to $2.99.

Download your free copy here:

The Essential Oils Thyroid Solution: Chronic Fatigue? Weight Gain? Brain Fog? Get Relief with Essential Oils to Help Heal Your Thyroid

Below is a blurb from the description:

This book is a primer, for beginners, on the link between aromatherapy and thyroid healing. This book is for you if you are searching for a natural solution to your ailments and annoying symptoms. If you have been prescribed a thyroid medicine in order to make up for the imbalances in your hormones, yet you are still dealing with unwanted ailments or symptoms, then, as you read this book you will receive valuable information for your journey to feeling like yourself again and to possibly weaning yourself off of your thyroid medicine. The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the body and about 20 million people have a thyroid issue, but only 60% of them are even aware of it!

According to research studies, a majority of people in the world are bound to suffer thyroid issues at some point in time or another in their life, due to things like diet, hereditary conditions or toxic chemical or heavy metal exposure. And women make up the majority of thyroid sufferers.

If you feel bound by your symptoms that prevent you from reaching your full potential, then download this book today to put an end to your thyroid woes!

See What You Will Learn And How To Cope And Heal Your Symptoms With Alternative Medicine…


  • What is the Thyroid?
  • The Reasons for Your Annoying Symptoms
  • How Understanding Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism Can Help You
  • Aromatherapy: History and Use
  • 27 Essential Oils to Help Heal Your Thyroid: and how they can help
  • Aromatherapy Methods: Topical, Oral, Inhalation and Reflexology
  • Essential Oils Safety
  • Diet, Exercise and Homeopathy To Relieve Your Thyroid Symptoms
  • How to Manage Stress
  • How to Get More Sleep
  • How Heal the GI Tract and Detox the Liver
  • How To Put it All Together and Next Steps to Take
  • And So Much More!